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Join Our Team to Visit Car Dealerships and Hold the Auto Industry Accountable

Summer 2022

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In 2016 and then again in 2019, Sierra Club volunteers across the nation visited car dealerships to rate the electric vehicle (EV) shopping experience. Connecticut volunteers have been an important part of this effort. Volunteer surveys contributed to two important reports that received national media coverage and exposed the challenges consumers face when shopping for an electric vehicle. In 2019, our report found that over 74% of dealerships nationwide did not sell EVs, and that some dealerships were not equipped or trained properly to sell EVs.


Transportation is the largest source of climate disrupting pollution. While we overhaul our transportation system to limit car use, we must also electrify the vehicles many of us use to get around—and ensure they’re powered by 100 percent clean energy. 


This year, the Sierra Club is launching this nationwide campaign again, and we want Connecticut volunteers to join the team, meet other amazing volunteers, and visit your nearest car dealership or store and report back to us on the EV shopping experience. You don’t need to be in the market for an EV to participate.


Please sign up here to visit a local dealership between now and September 11. It’s super easy and once you sign up, we’ll provide all the resources, tools, and training. 

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