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Climate Awareness Campaign Wraps Up as World Discusses its Fate

Ann Gadwah

Greetings! Two big events happened this week. This year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) began in Glasgow, where world leaders are meeting in hopes of coming to an agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions and save life as we know it on this planet. And here in Connecticut, our Climate Awareness Campaign wrapped up with the delivery of thousands of messages from concerned Connecticut residents, asking Governor Lamont to make our state a national leader on Climate Action. 

Prior to the delivery of the messages, Sierra Club and the Connecticut Citizen Action Group hosted a “CT Must Lead on Climate” display at the State Capitol. Over 100 people came out to see postcard messages displayed. Many filled out their own postcards to add to the delivery. Thank you to Angel Serrano, Tom Swan, John Murphy, Samantha Dynowski, Helen Humphreys, and Ann Pratt for bringing together this display.

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Some of our favorite postcard messages:


Michelle from Seymour: “Make it a priority for our children.”

Anatasia from Milford: “I love this state with all my heart, but it can do better to ensure that climate change does not hurt its people.”

Debra from Ashford: “We are terrified for our grandchildren. Please be a strong agent of positive change.”

Abby from Hartford: “Keep working for all of CT’s citizens. End environmental racism and segregation.”

Peter from Glastonbury: “Please do whatever it takes to combat climate change.”

Samuel from Farmington: “Climate change is real and we need immediate action.”

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This campaign’s success was due to the various environmental and social justice groups that participated. We would like to take a moment to thank and recognize our partners:

Connecticut Citizens Action Group

Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice

Connecticut League of Conservation Voters

Clean Water Action


Greater Bridgeport NAACP

Connecticut Climate Crisis Mobilization

Interreligious Eco-Justice League

Sunrise Connecticut 

Save the Sound


With the fate of the planet resting in the hands of our leaders, both internationally and at home– will they hear the call for change and action? We here in Connecticut have made our wishes known. Your move, Governor Lamont. 

Ann Gadwah is Advocacy & Outreach Organizer with a focus on our legislative work at the State Capitol.

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