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Climate Awareness Campaign Heats Up to Help Protect a Warming Planet

Ann Gadwah

Greetings! I hope you are doing well and staying safe. Sierra Club Connecticut continues the Climate Awareness Campaign, along with Connecticut Citizen Research Group and ten other allies, urging Governor Lamont to take bold administrative action to combat the climate crisis. The campaign will continue through the month, collecting thousands of grassroots messages from all over the state. The campaign has been busy all through the month of September. 


Some of the highlights from the campaign include the Climate Floatilla Action at the Norwalk Oyster Festival, along with getting postcards filled out at Pride Festival, The West End Farmers Market, and the Sounding the Call Event in Putnam. It has been wonderful to meet so many passionate people who care deeply about protecting our planet and want Governor Lamont and Connecticut to lead the nation on climate action! 

unnamed (8).jpg

Photo: “Stop Climate Change” sailboat and “CT MUST LEAD ON CLIMATE” float

Photo credit: Michael O’Donnell

We continue “Climate Fridays on Prospect” every Friday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. We were lucky enough to have some young folks from the Sunrise CT join us on the 24th! All are welcome to join us and make some noise for our planet. Come out and channel your inner Greta!  


For updates on this event and others, see our Facebook Events or Connecticut Chapter Events & Outings. If you are interested in volunteering or have events in your area coming up and would like to help spread the campaign message, please reach out to Ann Gadwah. We will need all hands on deck to make this campaign successful. 


Keep an eye out for information on how and when we will be delivering our postcards to the Governor! In the meantime, spread the word and send in your message! 


TAKE ACTION! Send a message to the Governor - Connecticut must lead on climate action!


Thank you for your dedication to protecting our state and the planet. Talk soon. 

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Photo: The Climate Awareness Campaign had a busy weekend outside the Governor’s mansion on Friday and at Hartford Pride on Saturday.

Ann Gadwah is Advocacy & Outreach Organizer with a focus on our legislative work at the State Capitol.

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