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Film Shows Our Drinking Water at Risk

Helen Applebaum

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Photo: A full house at the library for screening of “What Lies Upstream”

Photo credit: Sam Dynowski

Sierra Club Connecticut’s screening of What Lies Upstream at the New Milford Public Library on Thursday evening, January 24 brought out more than 70 people, despite the inches of rain that pelted the area all day. Perhaps the rain brought to light the film’s message of identifying the source of water pollution in several locations throughout the country.

Screening the film What Lies Upstream visually connects Sierra Club Connecticut with our focus on our fight to keep our air and rivers clean, our public lands free and advancing clean energy for all across the state. We know you, too, want that outcome.


Water expert, Marc Cohen introduced the film and afterwards participated in a discussion with Martha Klein, former Sierra Club Connecticut Chair, and identified the water issues we have in Connecticut. One example is the role of road salt and de-icing material, used to help our towns clear our roads from ice and snow, which makes its way into our groundwater. Unfortunately, testing our town and well water doesn’t always look for the chemicals those materials might include.

Several audience members asked if we could arrange a screening for their group or town. The answer is “Yes!” Therefore, on Wednesday, March 13 at 5:30 pm we will bring What Lies Upstream back to the New Milford Library for a second screening. Appropriate for teens and adults. Go to Sierra Club Connecticut Events & Outings or RSVP here.


Our co-host for the screening will be the Housatonic Valley Association (HVA) whose Watershed Conservation Director, Mike Jastremski, will speak about river issues and environmental planning. The goals of HVA are a healthy Housatonic watershed achieved by protecting and restoring the land and waters of the Housatonic Valley. The Housatonic Watershed covers 83 towns, 8 major tributaries and 24 sub-watersheds. Polluted stormwater runoff is a threat they are addressing.


Educational materials about the role of wastewater residuals in water contamination will be available and interpretative maps and materials about the health of the Housatonic and Still Rivers will be available.


Check out the trailer for What Lies Upstream!


The program is funded by a grant obtained by Sierra Club Connecticut.


Register for the next screening here or visit our Events & Outings page.

Helen Applebaum is an ExCom member, Sierra Club Connecticut

Back by Popular Demand.jpg

Photo: Martha Klein answering questions from the audience.

Photo credit: Sam Dynowski

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