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Legislative Update

April 2020

Samantha Dynowski

The Connecticut legislature, like the rest of the state, made major adjustments to the way it normally does business in response to Covid-19. The legislature closed on March 12, with an initial return date of March 30. After re-assessing the situation, the return date was revised to April 13.


There continues to be uncertainty about when the legislature will return and what business will be taken up when they do return. It is likely that many important issues that were raised as bills, including priorities Sierra Club Connecticut identified for 2020, may not be advanced further as the focus shifts to getting people back on their feet. 


We can expect that our state lawmakers will concentrate their efforts on meeting the critical needs of Connecticut residents.  When the legislature returns, Sierra Club Connecticut will work in solidarity with our allies to advocate for recovery initiatives that focus on the people who need it most. A clean, just, and equitable recovery is the best way to put us on a path to a clean, just and equitable future.


Take care of yourselves, and stay tuned to your email for updates and alerts about how you can advocate when legislative business resumes. 

Samantha Dynowski is Sierra Club Connecticut’s State Director.

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