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Sierra Club's Annual Election

April 2023

The annual election for Sierra Club’s Board of Directors is now underway. Each year, 5 of the 15 members of the Sierra Club Board of Directors end their three-year term. A list of candidates is selected by a combination of a nominations process and a petition process. Sierra Club members have the opportunity to vote on 5 candidates to fill the empty seats.

A democratic Sierra Club demands grassroots participation. If you have been a Sierra Club member since January 31st 2022, you are eligible to vote. If you joined the Sierra Club since then, you will be eligible to vote next year.

Ballots will be sent to eligible voters this March. If you pre-registered to vote online, you’ll receive an email from Paper ballots will arrive in the mail to all other voters. Please note: the paper ballots are sent out in batches from the East Coast, voting members will receive them at different times throughout the month.

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Additional information about the election, this year’s candidates, and how to vote can be found on the Sierra Club website (

Your participation is critical for a Strong Sierra Club. Voting in the Board of Directors election is a privilege, and important responsibility of your membership.

Help us to get a record voter turnout this year. Typically, less than 10% of eligible members vote in the Board elections. A minimum of 5% is required for the elections to be valid. Our grassroots structure is strengthened when membership participation is high. That means your participation is needed in the voting process. Cast your vote early and encourage other members you know to do the same. Ballots must be received by 12:00 PM Eastern Time on April 26th.

How can I learn about the candidates? 

Resources to help you learn about the candidates are available online ( You can read each candidate’s bios and statements, as well as their answers to important forum questions selected by a Forum Questions Committee. Each candidate has also recorded a short video about their candidacy!


You can also learn more by asking questions of your group and chapter  leadership and other experienced members you know.

Voting is Quick and Easy! 

If you received a paper ballot but would like to vote online, you can use the registration numbers you received in the mail to login to the e-voting site ( If you vote online, please do not also send in your paper ballot.


If you have not received your ballot by March 31st please contact Sierra Club’s Member Care team at 415-977-5500 or


To request a replacement ballot, or receive assistance to vote online, contact Election Services customer service at or phone 1-866-720-4357.

Your ballot must be received by no later than 12:00 PM Eastern Time on April 26th. If you’re voting by mail, please drop off your ballot with enough time for it to reach the facility in New York. 


Questions? All the details about the election, the candidates, and how to vote is available online ( Additional questions can be directed to

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