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We're Advancing Climate Action.

Sierra Club Connecticut is the state chapter of the oldest and most influential environmental organization in the nation. Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to promote our mission here in the state.

Our mission is to advocate for and protect the resources of our state, from the waters of the Long Island Sound, to our hundreds of miles of coastal areas, to our forested upland hills, and the flora and fauna that occupy these places and the spaces in between. We are also advocates for and defenders of the people of Connecticut. We seek to make Connecticut a more equitable state by working alongside and organizing with communities most adversely affected by fossil fuel energy infrastructure, waste incinerators, and other polluting industries. We seek to engage with, listen to, and amplify the voices of residents and allies from environmental justice communities that suffer the burden of air and water pollution and climate disruption.



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At sierraclub-ct Preservation is paramount.

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